Amanda Lane Sydney Based Nutritionist

I’m an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Registered Nurse offering online consultations globally.

I love to help high achieving women who are stressed out to avoid and recover from full-blown burnout. I provide an integrative approach to your health, liaising with medical and allied health practitioners when appropriate to ensure best health outcomes are achieved. I believe education and knowledge is what empowers my clients to make long term positive changes towards optimal health.

My approach is to identify the root cause of illness. This is done by taking a thorough case history and often the use of functional pathology testing. Treatment includes a range of modalities including evidenced based nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, breathwork, EFT and mindfulness techniques.

My own story of burnout began sometime after my 6 years of full-time study followed up by my graduate year of nursing. I didn’t have a lot of coping mechanisms, it’s not something you learn at university or during your graduate year. I managed in ways a lot of people do, pushing even harder, biting off more than I could chew, drinking copious amounts of coffee, trying restrictive diets, then binging on chocolate at the end of the day. All the while slowly putting on weight and constantly feeling anxious.

I have learned a lot since then through university studies, my work in mental health, and my own lived experience. I believe both proactive prevention and recovery is holistic and multifaceted. I know with the right tools, we can become more resistant to stress and have a better chance at preventing burnout.

I want to share with you all of my learnings and resources that I use in my practice.

I have completed a Bachelor of Health Science, Master of Nursing from Sydney University and a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition as well as a variety of other trainings such as strengths based coaching, Trauma Informed Care, EFT/Tapping, Life's Purpose Coaching and Yoga and Meditation trainings in both Australia, New Zealand, India and Thailand.

I have a network of trusted practitioners I can refer to when needed including Integrative GPs, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Psychologists, and Physical Therapists.

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